Monday, February 25, 2008

"A Night at the Museum" Party

Why not a party for 8 -12 year old budding paleontologists? I recently visited the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. They have a AMNH Sleepover for 8-12 year olds. Quite an adventure! The price includes exploration of the live-animal exhibits with museum guides, fossil exploration by flashlight, watching "Dinosaurs Alive" in the IMAX theatre, challenging "Museum Quests," an evening snack, sleeping in the museum, a light breakfast, and take-home activiites.
Because of the very popular movie, this would be a fun adventure with wonderful memories for this age group. Are there any other museums that you know of locally that have a similar program?


Mimi Chelles said...

Hi Party Lady! I'm looking to throw a Museum themed party for my 6 year you have any ideas? I have kids from ages 5-10 coming.

kimberly said...

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